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The Healthy Choices outreach and education campaign has been highly successful. This grass roots effort has been driven solely by the enthusiastic collaborative efforts of our community partners and has been well received and embraced by the community. The outreach campaign has been fully funded through real dollars donated by task force partners. We have strong support from local press and service organizations and are committed to continue and expand our efforts.

Looking forward, several projects have been identified:

  • Expand current marketing outreach efforts: Highway 33 connects communities on the West Side and is traveled extensively by the citizens of Gustine, Newman and Patterson, as well as many other communities along the West Side corridor. A rotating billboard marketing campaign would significantly expand outreach efforts and increase the community’s awareness of the Healthy Choices message.
  • Increase partnership with Public Health agencies; Another goal of the task force is to expand collaboration with public health agencies to target specific diseases that are prevalent on the West side. For example, diabetes and obesity are epidemic in these communities and need increased public education and attention. Working with Public Health agencies would enable outreach efforts to focus specifically on educating and ultimately improving the health of those suffering from these diseases and those who are at risk of developing them.
  • Expand upon current relationships with local Park and Recreation: explore extended youth and adult activities. Encouraging young people and adults to get healthy by get moving. …
  • Expand relationship with the education sector: Increasing youth participation in activities focused on health education is imperative to the mission of the Healthy Choices campaign. Working closely with the local schools to educate children on nutrition and the importance of exercise at a young age will give children the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices throughout their lives. Healthy children become healthy adults.
  • Implement a West Side Community Health Fair: The Annual Patterson Apricot Fiesta presents a unique opportunity to reach out to thousands of fiesta attendees to offer free health screenings, education and activities. This event is highly attended and will provide significant exposure for the Healthy Choices campaign.
  • Create and distribute a healthcare provider guide to all residents of the West Side: Based upon the community survey results, residents prefer to receive their information through direct mailing printed in both English and Spanish. A healthcare primer or guide that is simple and easy to understand that explains available health care options would be a valuable reference guide to West Side residents.
  • Develop a Healthy Choice internet site: You are here! Tell us what you think?